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The original dry erase sticky note.

Meet the sustainable way to make notes, brainstorm, and share ideas without the explosion of paper use.

Dry & wet erasable

Use dry erase markers for quick changes or wet erase markers to save your ideas.

Sticks to smooth surfaces

Stick your nodes to any smooth surface with our adhesive-free, smooth-stick technology.

100% reusable

Sticky Nodes can be reused over and over again at your home, office or classroom.

The sticky note designed to last.

From walls, cabinets and mirrors to whiteboards, water coolers and monitors, Sticky Nodes let you stick reminders, notes, and ideas to your favorite smooth surfaces without leaving a mark.

Bright colors for bright ideas.

Available in three bright colors for thoughts that won’t go unnoticed.

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"Now we rarely use paper note pads!"

Say goodbye to single-use.

Create, organize, and share your ideas without ever running out of sticky notes again.

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