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Affiliates Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Relationship:

By enrolling in the Sticky Nodes Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that this engagement establishes an independent contractor relationship between you and Sticky Nodes, not an employment or partnership relationship. As an affiliate, you are responsible for your taxes, insurance, and compliance with applicable laws. You’ll promote Sticky Nodes and its products professionally and ethically. You agree to not make commitments on behalf of Sticky Nodes or present yourself as an official representative.

Affiliate Responsibilities:

Your participation is personal, meaning you cannot involve sub-affiliates or share your affiliate earnings with others. Offensive, illegal, or objectionable content in your promotions is strictly prohibited and may result in the termination of your affiliation. You are committing to conducting your activities legally and in good faith without infringing on any intellectual property rights.

Use of Intellectual Property:

While you’re part of our program, you will have limited, temporary permission to use Sticky Nodes’ trademarks, branding, and promotional materials. This permission is granted for the sole purpose of promoting Sticky Nodes’ products, in adherence to our Trademark Guidelines. You may not use Sticky Nodes’ intellectual property in conjunction with another brand or for unauthorized purposes.

Termination and Suspension:

Sticky Nodes reserves the right to terminate your affiliation at any time, with or without notice. If we suspect any breach of these terms, we may suspend your account until we receive sufficient evidence of compliance. Suspended accounts may require a review of your records before reinstatement. Upon termination due to a breach, we will retain all funds in your account.

Termination for Inactivity:

If your account remains inactive for an extended period, Sticky Nodes may decide to terminate it and reset your balance. Please note that we won’t pay pending balances if your account is closed due to inactivity.

Malicious Use:

As an affiliate, you are prohibited from distributing Sticky Nodes product or creating derivative works of it. The distribution of Sticky Nodes product should only occur through Sticky Nodes’ official channels.


Commissions are calculated based on qualified leads, which are new customers who purchase products on Sticky Nodes’ website within a specified time frame after using your referral code/link and making a purchase. Sticky Nodes pays commissions for these qualified leads based on our net revenues from them. To track your qualified leads, you’ll use referral links with tracking tags, pixels, and codes provided by Sticky Nodes. You agree that our books and records are deemed accurate and our tracking is final.


Payment of commissions is made on a monthly basis when your earnings reach a predetermined threshold. Sticky Nodes typically uses Payment Services, PayPal, or other agreed-upon methods for payment. Until the payment is made, the sums specified in your account are not considered debts. You are responsible for any taxes, fees, or expenses related to the payment and must provide an invoice upon payment. If Sticky Nodes provides a qualified lead with a refund, we may deduct the commission from your future payment or request that you return such fees. The commission you receive is the sole payment for your services, and each party bears its own expenses.

Bad Practices:

Certain practices are considered “bad practices” and may lead to the termination of your participation in the Program. These practices include, but are not limited to, deceptive practices, using the Sticky Nodes brand inappropriately, spamming, buying traffic, or making unauthorized changes to Sticky Nodes’ products. Bad practices also encompass any illegal or unauthorized advertising, infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy violations, or using advertising in violation of local laws and regulations.


Your relationship with Sticky Nodes is confidential, and your commission is confidential as well. While you may disclose that you earn a commission, please refrain from disclosing the specific commission amount, and add a disclosure if required by law.


Sticky Nodes reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified of any changes, and continued participation in the Program implies your acceptance of the modified terms.

By signing up for the Sticky Nodes Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not sign up for the Program. Please be aware that this is a sample document, and it is crucial to consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.